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How Many Meals Would You Like?


Margaret Kline

Using this service has been foundational in the improvement of my eating habits and general health. I joined 316 Meal Prep because I wanted to avoid the massive packaging that came with other meal delivery services. I'm staying because the food is healthy and flavorful. With the help of 316 Mea Prep, I'm eating cleaner now than I have in decades. I have more energy, sleep better and my BP has dropped 20 points!

I have been using 316 mealprep for almost 2 years. I am very happy with their service and their meal selection has allowed me to sample out of my comfort zone. I had never heard of elote, now I love it.

I LOVE 316 Meal Prep !! Going through cancer treatments leaves me too tired at times to cook Now I can get the Nutritious meals that I need and keep my weight under control ( another effect of my type of treatments causes weight gain) but this makes is so easy to track everything. Not to mention delivered right to my doorstep !!!!

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