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316 Meal Prep is a locally owned  Weekly subscription based meal prep  company. We offer a variety of unique  healthy meal options delivered straight to your door. The meals are cooked specific to your needs based on the plan you select.

We do all the work so you don't have to. That means no more grocery shopping, cooking, or clean up! Plus, we know our way around a kitchen while taking extra time to ensure all your meals are delicious! Allowing you more time to get back to the things that matter! 

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How It Works

#1 Choose Your plan 

We offer a variety of meal plans and add on's to accommodate you no matter what you need. Even if you don't see a plan you like email us for a free quote we got you covered.

#2 Subscribe 

Like Netflix for food all we need is a little info to get started. Since we are subscription based we are on a tight schedule.Best days to sign up are Wed-Sat.

Perfect for timing for delivery on  that Sunday!

#3 Enjoy

Free auto delivery every week. No Pick up at all. Pretty awesome right?

We Deliver every  Sunday&Wednesday.If you're not home no worries all meals are stored on ice in a Eco friendly reusable insulated bag. That we alternate with you each week.


Like clock work we will refill you with your selected meal plan. Each week 


Our Meal Plans

Image by Igor Flek

Home Cooked Plan

This plan is simply us cooking healthy-ish meals for those who are not on any real diet restrictions. These are prepared meals at your convenience! Heat and go!!
-High quality ingredients.
-No grocery shopping!
-No cooking!
-No cleaning!
-All this at an affordable price.
This package makes a GREAT option for our senior citizens as well.
Poke Bowl with Salmon and Avocado

316 Macro Meal Plan

This plan is for your Restricted diet. Get a full Macro  and calorie count on each meal. Loaded with super foods like kale , avocados, quinoa, sweet potatoes, broccoli , and more!

Low Carb Meal Plan

No Hidden sugar? No problem! This plan we utilize a lot of great Low carb products and recipes out there to give you normal yet delicious meals and not just steak and eggs! We aim for 15-20 carb  daily limit.


Order arrives 

Sundays and Wednesdays

Delivery driver or customer unloads meals

Customer places insulated bag on porch to be swapped out


Meal Menu  


Meals are catered to your needs based on our sign up forms and plan you select.Picky eaters beware they are not fully customizable and menu is chosen by our chefs each week then labeled on meals. However we do offer voting and meal ideas that can be submitted in our members blog! Winning meals get made the following week! =]


Subscription Pricing



2 Meals per day  for 3 days (6meals total)

 Monday -Wednesday

Each meal is different! no repeats 



Full week

2 meals per day for 5 days 

(10 meals total).


Each meal is different no repeats!



Double Meats

Add On

Up too 12oz per meal!Great for gains or high protein intake. In form add on. One of last questions before checkout.




add on

2 Meals per day for 2 days

(4 meals total) 

Best Value! Brings avg cost to only $8.92 per meal!

Also in form add on at check out.

Half Week

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