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Let Us Cook For You!

At 316 Meal Prep, we take pride in being a locally owned company specializing in weekly subscription-based meal prep services. Our commitment is to provide you with a diverse array of healthy meal options delivered right to your doorstep. Each meal is thoughtfully prepared to cater to your specific dietary preferences and requirements, depending on the plan you choose.

Say goodbye to the hassles of grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up, as we handle all the legwork for you. Our skilled team knows their way around the kitchen and dedicates extra effort to ensure that every meal is not only nutritious but also delightfully delicious. This way, you can reclaim valuable time and focus on the things that truly matter in your life.

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How It Works

#1 Choose Your plan 

Our array of meal plans and customizable add-ons are designed to cater to your unique preferences and requirements. If none of the existing plans align with your specific needs, fret not. Simply reach out to us via email, and we will gladly provide a personalized quote, ensuring we have all your requirements covered. At your service, we prioritize flexibility and are committed to delivering the perfect meal solution tailored to your liking.

#2 Subscribe 

Welcome to our food subscription service, where we aim to be the "Netflix for food" – offering a wide variety of delectable meal options. To begin your culinary journey with us, we only require some basic information. As a subscription-based service, our operational efficiency relies on a well-managed schedule. Therefore, we recommend signing up between Monday and Fridays, as this allows us to ensure a perfectly timed delivery on the following Monday. Embrace the convenience of our service, and we'll take care of the rest, delivering mouthwatering meals right to your doorstep!

#3 Enjoy

Experience the ultimate convenience with our auto delivery service, ensuring you receive your meals seamlessly every week. No need to worry about pick-ups as we handle it all for you. Our deliveries take place every Monday, and even if you're not home, there's no cause for concern. Each meal is thoughtfully stored on ice inside an eco-friendly, reusable insulated bag. We alternate the bag with you each week, so you can indulge in delicious and fresh meals without any hassle. Sit back, relax, and savor the convenience of our exceptional delivery service!


Rest assured, like clockwork, we are dedicated to replenishing your chosen meal plan with utmost precision and punctuality. Every week, you can rely on us to deliver the meals you have selected, ensuring a seamless and consistent culinary experience. With our commitment to efficiency and timeliness, you can enjoy the convenience of your customized meal plan without any interruptions. Count on us to be your reliable partner in providing a delightful and hassle-free dining journey, week after week.

For  Local Orders 

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Our Meal Plans

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Home Cooked Plan

This plan is thoughtfully crafted, combining the comforting appeal of Homestyle meals with the nutritional benefits of Macro Meals. While it may not be specifically tailored for strict dieting, it serves as an excellent choice for individuals seeking to improve their eating habits and overall well-being.

In particular, this package is highly recommended for our esteemed senior citizens. Its wholesome and balanced composition caters to their unique dietary needs, ensuring they receive nourishing and delicious meals that promote a healthy lifestyle.

By embracing this plan, our customers can savor the satisfaction of flavorful meals while making positive strides towards healthier eating habits. We take pride in offering a versatile and inclusive option that fosters well-being for all, including our valued senior community.

316 Macro Meal Plan

Introducing our specialized "Restricted Diet" plan, meticulously tailored to meet your dietary requirements. Each meal in this plan provides a comprehensive macro and calorie count, allowing you to easily track your nutritional intake.

Packed with an abundance of superfoods, such as kale, avocados, quinoa, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and more, our meals are thoughtfully curated to offer a wealth of essential nutrients. We prioritize the incorporation of these wholesome ingredients to support your well-being and enhance your overall health.

Embrace the convenience of our "Restricted Diet" plan and savor the delightful flavors of our carefully crafted meals, all while adhering to your dietary restrictions and nourishing your body with the goodness of nature's finest offerings.

Low Carb Meal Plan

Absolutely, we understand the importance of avoiding hidden sugars in your diet. Our "No Hidden Sugar" plan is specifically designed to cater to your needs by incorporating a variety of fantastic low-carb products and recipes. You can expect a delightful assortment of delicious meals that go beyond the typical steak and eggs fare.

Emphasizing a daily carb limit of 15-20 grams, we carefully craft each dish to ensure they are both satisfying and nutritionally balanced. You can enjoy a diverse range of flavors and textures while maintaining your desired carb intake, all without compromising on taste.

By opting for our "No Hidden Sugar" plan, you can indulge in a wide array of delectable meals, free from any sneaky sugars, and embrace a healthier, carb-conscious lifestyle without sacrificing culinary enjoyment..
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Meal Menu  

Our meal offerings are thoughtfully tailored to align with your individual preferences, taking into account the specific requirements you provide through our sign-up forms and the chosen plan. While we understand the importance of catering to unique needs, please be aware that our meals are not entirely customizable. Our team of skilled chefs carefully curates the menu each week, and these delectable selections are then labeled on the meals.

However, we encourage engagement from our valued members through Emailing meal ideas, This participatory process allows for a collaborative dining experience, and the most popular meal suggestions have the exciting opportunity to be prepared the following week. We cherish the feedback and active involvement of our community as we continually strive to provide an exceptional culinary service.

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Subscription Pricing



2 Meals per day  for 3 days (6meals total)

 Monday -Wednesday

Each meal is different! no repeats 



Full week

2 meals per day for 5 days 

(10 meals total).


Each meal is different no repeats!



Double Meats

Add On

Up too 12oz per meal!Great for gains or high protein intake. In form add on. One of last questions before checkout.




add on

2 Meals per day for 2 days

(4 meals total) 

Best Value! 

Email in to add onto your plan

Half Week

Contact Us (Please Allow 24 hrs for response )


Thanks for submitting!

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