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**Select Your Own Meals**

whether you choose Chef's Choice #1 or #2. You are still able to choose your own meals, select your preferences, and submit your order. One Time & Subscription customers will be emailed a promotional code to waive the cost of selected meals at checkout.Ensure that you select freezer-friendly options if you need your meals to be frozen. You can make your selections from Saturday to Tuesday the week before delivery. Failure to submit or late submissions will result in automatic application of Chef's Choice 1 or 2. 


Meal selection page is


**Option 1: Chef's Choice (Non-Frozen Meals)**

This is our primary and most popular choice. In this Chef's Choice option, you can specify which ingredients you prefer to avoid, such as pork, seafood, onions, mushrooms, dairy, etc. We will then deliver meals that adhere to your dietary preferences. Our menu rotates every nine weeks, offering a diverse selection of fresh meals each week.

With this option, you'll receive a mix of non-freezer-friendly meals like salads and wraps, along with fresh, unfrozen, and freezer-friendly options. Salads and wraps should be consumed early in the week as they have a shorter shelf life. You have the flexibility to decide whether you want to freeze the other half of the meals. 

It's crucial to refrigerate these meals promptly upon delivery since they are not frozen. On warm or hot days, they are packed in ice and delivered in an insulated bag. To extend your delivery window, consider placing a cooler with ice on your porch on the delivery day.

- Fresh, unfrozen meals each week.

- Limited time to refrigerate meals after delivery due to non-freezing nature.

**Option 2: Chef's Choice (All Freezer-Friendly and Pre-Frozen Meals)**

Our second choice is Chef's Choice for freezer-friendly, pre-frozen meals. Similar to the first option, you can specify your ingredient preferences, and we'll deliver meals within those parameters. Our rotating nine-week menu offers a wide range of options.

With this choice, all your meals will come pre-frozen, packed in ice, and delivered in an insulated bag. These meals require some time to thaw out, but they can stay safe for a while if the weather isn't excessively hot, such as in the 70s and if the bag is in the shade.


-long hold time , easy to place in the freezer and keep in until ready for consumption, great if not home or able to move meals into the fridge soon after delivery. 


-No salads , wraps , or non freezer friendly vegetables. like Celery , cucumbers, ect

Home Style Meal Plan Full + Weekends (14 Meals)

Price Options
HomeStyle Full +Week
$174.99every week until canceled
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