When will my meals Arrive?

Local delivery is on Mondays 9AM-7pm 

You are Considered Local if you live in


Wichita, Goddard, Maize, Valley Center, Belair ,Kechi, Andover, RoseHill, Derby, Haysville.


- We run a Inhouse delivery route every monday from 9am-7pm. The route is based on which houses are closest to each other and we go in order so we run the route as fast as possible. We can not ganturee an exact time for your order because the route is based on where you are located in aspect to other customers. Also customers and addresses can change weekly so route and delivery times can change weekly as well.

Shipping Orders Get processed on Tuesdays 

On Tuesday you will be emailed your tracking number. Your delivery day is based on your tracking number. Normally meals will be deliver within 24-48hrs  (Wednesday Or Thursday) . We can not control deliver times as its run through a 3rd party delivery companies. Fedex,UPS, USPS, ECT 

Cooking Instructions 

Open your 316 Meal prep meal remove any 2 oz cups as they are not microwavable.  Take out protein and set on lid if possible. Cook Rice and Vegetables separately cook in microwave for 1-2 min then stir and microwave 1 additional minute. cook Protein on lid for 1 min. check every 30 seconds to ensure its protein is not over cooked. (chicken breast is very easy to dry out if over cooked) 

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How Long are the meals good for?/ should I keep them frozen or in the fridge?

The meals need to be consumed between 1-3 days after thawed. So Keeping them in the fridge is no problem as long as you know you will consume all meals within that time frame. For full weeks we recommend keeping half in the fridge & Half in the freezer. Once all meals in the fridge have been consumed then move meals from the freezer to the fridge. 

Why are the meals frozen at delivery?

The meals are still cooked fresh each week however there are many reasons we switched to freezing the meals. Keeping meals unfrozen severely limits our cooking windows in which we can operate. On top of that it also limits the amount of time you have to eat the meals as a consumer. Plus you add in factor of delivery & heat into the equation we found that freezing them is a necessary evil. 

Why do The meals taste bland?

We noticed at the time of cooking the seasonings are a lot more prevalent. However after the meals have set for 24 hrs the seasoning get absorbed and dissipated a bit . We do not want to dump sodium into these meals so if you feel the meal is bland we recommended adding a pinch of salt to your meal. As it will really bring out the flavors. 


These are healthy meals with lean meats and steamed veggies  so as long as you have realistic favor expectation we feel the meals taste great. We do try to lock in as much flavor as possible while sticking to our roots. 


We cook or bake most things in water. We do not add any oils or butter. We do not season with MSG, Iodized salt, or  Gluten. Only Sea salt and non gluten blends. The reason we do this is not only do those things add calories.  These meals are for a variety of different people with different diet requirements.  


There's is nothing stopping you from adding your favorite seasoning or sauces. We feel any added calories or sodium should be left up to the consumer.  


We found that customers who add their own favorite seasoning and sauces to the meals are often more satisfied with our product and stay longer so by all means do what works best for you and your diet. 

What if i'm not home? How long will the meals be okay on the porch.  

The temperature outside drastically affects the answer to this question.  On a mild day 70-75 degrees the meals are good for 2-4 hrs. They are frozen at -6 degrees beforehand so they will slowly dethaw throughout the day.  The meals temp should be 35 degrees and cold to the touch. 

Is There Anything I can do to help keep my meals cold if i'm not going to be home?

Yes you can leave a cooler with ice on your porch on delivery day. we will put your bag in the cooler this will drastically extend the time frame the meals can be outside. also Keep in mind the temperature outside when using this option. 

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